Boundary Gallery | Autumn Offers I
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Autumn Offers I

“Going, going, gone”

In these strange times we are practically giving works of art away. So, take advantage of this opportunity. If you want any more information then let us know as all the artists featured have a good provenance and we would be very happy to share the knowledge about them.

Denis Clarke
Parkscene (Devon Landscape with Figures)
acrylic on paper
76 x 55 cm
was £650
now £380


Denis Clarke
Man with Surfboard
acrylic on paper
was £650
now £380


Denis Clarke
Australian Woman in London
mixed media
signed and inscribed with title
dated 1989
76 x 55 cm




Frost & Lorca
11 poems
61 x 41.5cm
was £11,000
now £8,500

Full details here:

Terry Frost – Lorca



Neil McPherson
Looking at the Morning
30 x 24 cm
mixed media
was £950
now £400


Morris Kestelman
Circus Rider
25 x 30.6 cm


Morris Kestelman
Circus Clowns
5 x 30.6 cm


Playing Games
mixed media
image size 49 x 34
mount size 65 x 48.5 cm
was £450
now £200


Albert Louden
Landscape III
mixed media on paper
53 x 42.5 cm
was £1600
now £800 framed


offset lithograph from brush drawings
66 x 50 cm
was £150
now £60